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Where is Aquifer Storage Recovery

Aquifer storage systems are known to be operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Israel. ASR development programs are underway in several other countries, including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan and Kuwait. Operating systems are defined as those for which construction is completed, facilities are fully permitted and in operation.

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This is a relatively new technology. In the U. S., the U.S. Geological Survey conducted small tests of well recharge systems beginning in the late 1940s, but none of these test sites were placed into operation. The first ASR well began operation at Wildwood, New Jersey in 1969, and this system is still in operation, having been expanded to four wells. Most subsequent ASR wells have been constructed since 1983, when the Manatee County, Florida, ASR system began operation.

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Currently, about 95 ASR sites are in operation around the UnitedLink to detail and Chinese proverb States, ranging from a single well to 30 wells, with recovery capacities ranging from 2 Ml/d (0.5 MGD) from single wells to 400 Ml/d (100 MGD) from wellfields. In the planning stages is a very large ASR program for South Florida to restore the Everglades. At such time as this program is completed, it is expected to have over 300 ASR wells storing and recovering water at combined rates of up to 8000 Ml/D (2 BGD).

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