I can highly recommend the one book written on the subject of ASR. It is very well-written and has lots of pictures, even one in color. Christmas is coming up (sooner or later) and the book makes a great stocking stuffer, so order lots of copies.The book is: Pyne, R. D. G., Groundwater Recharge and Wells: A Guide to Aquifer Storage Recovery. Lewis Publishers, 1995. It has 376 pages. You can order a copy from CRC Press and from other sources.

The American Water Works Research Foundation (AWWARF) published "Aquifer Storage Recovery of Treated Drinking Water" in 1996. This is an excellent presentation of the subject, focusing on the issue of the fate of disinfection byproducts during storage in ASR wells. Co-authors are me, Dr. Philip C. Singer and Dr. Cass T. Miller at the University of N. Carolina.

Four international symposia on artificial recharge have been conducted. These were in Anaheim, California (1989); Orlando, Florida (1994), Amsterdam, Holland (1999), and Adelaide, Australia (2003). Proceedings for these excellent symposia are available for purchase, and contain several papers on ASR. ASCE has published Guidelines for Artificial Recharge, which should be a valuable document for those contemplating initiating such programs, whether with surface recharge or wells.

The American Ground Water Trust www.agwt.org

CSIRO in Adelaide, Australia, conducted the first international symposium on ASR, about 1998. Proceedings may still be available. A second such meeting was held in 1999.

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) conducted an ASR symposium in Long Beach, California, during 1998. This included many excellent papers. Copies of the Proceedings should still be available.

Probably several hundred papers on the subject of ASR have now been presented in various other meetings, seminars and symposia during the last few years.

If you know of other documents that constitute a valuable resource for this subject, please contact David Pyne and I will add the information to the list.

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Aquifer Storage Recovery
By David Pyne
This is the only book published on aquifer storage recovery (ASR), a cost-effective water storage technology that has evolved rapidly during the past 25 years and is now being applied throughout the world.

ASR Systems LLC
is an industry leader in water resources development with a specialized focus on aquifer storage recovery (ASR) and related technologies.

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