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Achieving water supply sustainability is a costly and elusive goal for many communities and nations which are increasingly challenged by population growth, declining groundwater levels, contaminated aquifers, concerns regarding water supply security, declining streamflows, increasing saltwater intrusion, ground subsidence, global climate change, and unacceptable impacts upon aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Aquifer storage recovery (ASR) is a powerful technology for water resources management and environmental protection, enabling storage deep underground when water is available, for recovery when needed to meet urban, agricultural, ecosystem, industrial, recreational, emergency and other water uses.
The same wells are used for both recharge and recovery. Water is stored in suitable aquifers, or water-bearing formations, forming large subsurface reservoirs that are safe from losses due to evaporation, transpiration, seepage or contamination.

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Principal ASR applications are for "peak-shaving" or seasonal storage, "water banking" or long-term storage from flood years to drought years, and for emergencies. There are many other applications.
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ASR is proven, cost-effective, and beneficial to the environment and is currently being applied at about 69 sites in the United States, plus other sites in Canada, England, Australia, South Africa and Israel.
Many more sites are under development.
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ASR is a unique technology, comprising elements of geology, hydraulics, hydrology, geochemistry, engineering design, water treatment, economics and other disciplines to achieve a reliable, sustainable supply of water of acceptable quality.
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Aquifer Storage Recovery
By David Pyne
This is the only book published on aquifer storage recovery (ASR),
a cost-effective water storage technology that has evolved rapidly during the past 25 years and is now being applied throughout the world.

ASR Systems LLC
is an industry leader in water resources development with a specialized focus on aquifer storage recovery (ASR) and related technologies.

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